The Cognitive, Affective, Linguistic, Motor and Social (CALMS) Assessment for school-age children who stutter.

Target age group: Children who stutter in 2nd grade through high school. The CALMS Assessment includes a Clinician's Manual, Assessment forms for each CALMS component, and CALMS recording forms.

Clinician’s Manual also includes:

• A section on how the CALMS measures relate to IDEA and determining adverse effect of stuttering on educational performance.
• Sample multidimensional IEP treatment goals and objectives.
• A sample evaluation report.
• Instructions on how to create CALMS item and component profiles.
• A section on reliability and validity.
“I purchased the CALMS because I routinely introduce it to students in my graduate course on stuttering. The CALMS system is the most useful tool for tailoring individual treatment plans for a school-age child who stutters.”

Melissa Bruce, M.S., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD
University of Houston
“The CALMS provides a clear and concise methods for assessing and treating the affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of stuttering. It allows for flexibility to account for individual differences while providing structure to guide the clinician through all phases of intervention.”

Joseph Donaher, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
The Center for Childhood Communication, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
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